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No Excuses!

Hello!  Long time no see!  I'm going to try to update this pitiful blog at least once a week.  That is my goal, at least. 
I wish I could say that I have been super productive over Christmas break, but sadly I haven't.  I haven't really thought about school other than pinning a few items.  That counts, right?

Every year my class always volunteers to make ornaments to decorate the Christmas trees on the navy base near our school.  It is hard for kindergarteners to part with their ornaments, so I always have them make two of the same ornament (one for home and one for the base).  We made popsicle trees this year.   I just hot glue the popsicle sticks together.  The students use green Sharpies to color the tree shape.  They glue sequins and tree trunks to the tree shape and that's it.  I usually add a ribbon hanger to the top. 

I took the last few days off before Christmas break began to go to Disney World with my family.  I knew if we waited until official break began, it would be too crowded.   Don't feel too sorry for my class, though.  We had our Christmas party a little early, and I left them in the hands of an awesome substitute teacher.  They actually decorated Icing Christmas Trees and had a Polar Express Party while I was gone.

It was quite an endeavor planning for the time off, but I felt much better leaving everything nice and organized for her.

                                                                                  Fun with the White Rabbit

For now, I'm just enjoying the last three days before I have to return to work.  My children return on Tuesday, so I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished on Monday.  Here's hoping I'm not in meetings all day!

Until next time!



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